Abundant legacy realty


Who I am

I am Sherena Walters and have over 28 years in customer service, over 16 years in the financial industry, and over 7 years in the mortgage industry. With extensive experience in customer service, I can communicate effectively with tenants, address their concerns and issues promptly, and provide exceptional customer service. Moreover, having worked in the financial industry for over 16 years and in the mortgage industry for over 7 years, I have a deep understanding of financial management, loan origination, and mortgage underwriting.


We provide landlords with the ability to live their lives freely. Being a landlord comes with many responsibilities. These include screening tenants, executing leases, tenant communication, coordinating maintenance and repairs, collecting rent, filing evictions, and the worst of them all, tenant turnover. Tenant turnover is by far the costliest in terms of the repairs needed and the lost revenue when looking for a new tenant. When a landlord rents out his or her units to a long-term tenant, they have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors. They are blind to the fact that a tenant could be mistreating their precious investment. Tenants have no incentive to keep the
home in tip top shape. To put it simply, they have no skin in the game, that’s where we come in.
We sign a lease with the landlord and take over as property managers. We repair, update, and furnish the unit as we see fit and then place short term tenants in them. Due to the high turnover of short-term tenants, we will have the unit cleaned 3-4 times a week and perform all repairs/maintenance.


Why us?

Being that we’ve both lived the life of a landlord with our own tenants, we know what the struggle is like and can completely relate. It’s hard enough being a homeowner and having to constantly worry about what is going to break next, adding a tenant(s) complicates this further. We strive to facilitate the lives of our homeowners by stepping in as a lessee and acting as the property manager. With this you get peace of mind knowing that your home is in the absolute best hands. With us you get your free time back as well as a monthly rent check that’ll always be on time. If your home isn’t in the finest of condition 100% percent of the time, we lose our ability to do business. This is a service that no average long-term tenant would ever be able to provide.


We are able to provide this service because of the systems we have put in place. We work with a network of cleaners and repair technicians that are available on call 24/7. They can be there at a moments notice to troubleshoot all issues that are brought to our attention. We also coordinate directly with guests during the pre-check in, check-in, stay, and check-out processes.


Pre-Screening Process
We vigorously pre-screen our prospective tenants with every inquiry we receive. We have strict house rules and a no tolerance policy for any offences. These include no parties, no pets (unless allowed by you), no smoking of any sort, and no excessive noise/quiet hours. If we find the slightest of infractions, the tenants will be evicted immediately.

You are protected in three different ways. First would be our own renters’ policy, second is Airbnb’s $1 million dollar policy that protects your home against bodily injury and property damage for every single guest that walks through the door, and third is a homeowners policy that caters directly to short term rentals (this one is optional). This far exceeds the protection that a homeowner could ever have with an average tenant.

Your investment will be cleaned thoroughly 3-4 times a week or more depending on the length of stay. The average person cleans this often monthly. The dust bunnies will be begging for mercy.

We fully furnish all units; all you do is provide the space.

Repairs, Maintenance, and Updates 
When we acquire your unit for lease, we will perform an assessment of needed repairs/upgrades, this includes appliances, paint, hardware, energy efficient thermostats, keyless entry, etc. Before we begin any updates, we will inform you of our plans and with your blessing, execute them free of charge to you.  From there we will maintain the unit as needed without getting you involved. We also set up monthly pest control, landscaping, and any other necessary services to keep your place looking pristine. Just imagine yourself with the easiest tenant possible.


You will never have to worry about getting in contact with us. Unlike a troublesome long-term tenant who may ignore your calls, we care about creating a long-term relationship with you so that we can continue to rent your property to our guests. You never have to speak to a single guest that comes through your property. Your only necessary point of contact is us.

We will set up security cameras on the outside of your residence to monitor guests and ensure they are abiding by the previously declared house rules, this includes a ring doorbell camera. We also furnish every unit with a smart lock with its own unique combination to enter the property. This combination is changed after every guest checks out and before another can enter.


You absolutely can! Many people have gone this route and it has worked for them, however it’s not to be mistaken as a part time job. This takes tons of TIME and ENERGY! If you thought being a traditional landlord was time consuming, this takes it to a whole other level. A business such as this needs to be monitored constantly and there is lots of coordination required. Help us help you facilitate your life and free up your time!